Landscaping Equipment


BLEC Blecavator BV100

BLECavator BV100 Refurbished Working Width 1m V.G.C 3 months warranty PRICE £3500.00 + VAT


BLEC Blecavator BV130

BLECavator BV130 Refurbished Working Width 1.3m V.G.C 3 months warranty PRICE £3650.00 + VAT


BLEC Cultipack Seeder CP42

BLEC Cultipack Seeder CP42 Currently being shotblasted and re painted Working Width 36 inch V.G.C 3 months warranty PRICE £3950.00 + VAT


BLEC / HARLEY T6 Power Rake

BLEC/HARLEY T6 Power Rake Working Width 1.8m Carbide tooth rotor V.G.C PRICE £4500.00 + VAT BLEC/HARLEY TM7 Power Rake also available for £4950.00 + VAT (picture to follow)


BLEC Rotor Rake SR3H

BLEC ROTOR RAKE SR3H C/W Honda F66 Power Unit Hydraulic Drive V.G.C PRICE £2650.00 + VAT


BLEC Groundbreaker GB1500

BLEC GROUNDBREAKER GB1500 1.5 Metre Working Width Rotary Decompactor Similar to Shockwave Produces 6 slits on 26cm spacings to 26cm deep Excellent Condition Very Little Use To suit tractors 40-75hp PRICE £4250.00 + VAT


Box Grader

BOX GRADERS, 150cm, 180cm, 210cm Multipurpose graders Front and rear blades c/w ripping tines made in USA Ex-demo, as new PRICE £750.00, £850.00, £1000.00 + VAT

Saltex 2014 393

Blec Uniseeder US24

BLEC UNISEEDER US24 (2 available) 60cm working width. Overseeder, spikes, seeds & brushes in. Hydrostatic drive V.G.C PRICE £ 2550.00 – 2750.00 + VAT